Stainless Steel Bending Specialists

Stainless Steel Bending Specialists

Stainless steel curved at Barnshaws is always free from contamination provided it is protected upon arrival. Hardened and polished chromium rolls are used for bending all stainless plate and sections.


Stainless steel sections and plate can be supplied, mill finish, brush or mirror polished. We guarantee no marking after bending.

Reduce the material costs

Plate rolled at Barnshaws generally needs no extra material. Sections need some gripping allowance but this is the UK’s lowest. As the raw material is so expensive this can be a considerable saving.

Quick delivery for your stainless steel bending

Barnshaws carefully handle all materials. Specialist equipment is used for the handling of non-ferrous materials to eliminate any contamination.

Quick turn around for steel bending

Complete supply plate rolling can take between 5 and 10 day depending on the plate size. Free issue standard turnaround is 72 hours. We do offer 48 and 24-hour service. Complete supply stainless steel sections are usually turned around in 4 to 5 days with free issue being 72,48 or 24 hour service.

Barnshaws Bends stainless steel for structural applications to N.S.S.S tolerances. All other applications are formed to ASME / EN standards. Typical applications for stainless steel bending are Architectural handrails, food industry vessels, gas flues for petrochemical plants and prestigious structural applications.