Less material needed for copper bending

As the cost of copper very care must be take to save material. Atomic needs no extra material for forming plate and requires only 120mm extra on curved sections up to 100mm wide. This is considerable lower than most other companies in the UK.

Copper bending specialists

Barnshaws handle copper with care. Some grades are extremely soft and specialist-handling equipment is used to stop any out of plane distortion.

We guarantee the cleanliness of your copper at our facilities and will always be free from carbon contamination.

Quick turn around for copper bending

The standard service for copper bending is 5 working days to your works. Upon request we can turn around work in 24, 48 or 72 hours.

Less material needed for metal bending

Most plate needs no extra material, on many sections; waste is reduced by up to 50% and sometimes more. Specially developed programming enable the machines to roll to the end of the bars.

Non-Ferrous metal bending specialists

If requested, Barnshaws will guarantee your section or plate will be free from contamination on our site, providing it is protected upon arrival. Specialist tooling and handling equipment is used.

Quality and standards used for metal bendings

Section bending for structural applications meets N.S.S.S tolerances. Section Bending for petrochemical applications meet ASME standards.