Home or Bathroom Renovation: The power of colour

Tiling for your home or bathroom renovations is one of the best ways to make your home shine. You will most likely want to bring out certain aspects of your home or highlight features that are important to you. So what can you do when tiling to get the best out of your home? Have you considered trying different colors? You will have a lot of options to choose from so you will want to choose the best style for you. This isn’t too hard so here’s some thought that might help you to make your home renovation a success:

The power of colour

Colours can stimulate, heal, sooth or create a fun atmosphere. Are you the type of person who loves to have people over every second night or so? Or do you love those quite times reading a book on the couch? It’s important you know about stimulating and calming colours. How do you work out which colours are stimulating or calming?

Stimulating or Calming and why?

Try to imagine a 6 piece pie where every second piece has a colour. This will mean 3 colours which are yellow, red and blue. Now between these pieces what you can get by blending the colours on either side. Why is this important though? Stimulating colours are great for social areas while calming colours are great for quiet areas. So which colours stimulating or calming?


Anything between yellow and red is stimulating and to help your imagination you have colours that are within the orange, off white, or creamy range. Also, when either red or yellow is mixed with blue, it needs to have more red or yellow for it to be stimulating. Interesting, black is also stimulating.


Calming colours are achieved using the colour pie by mixing with blue. You can get some off whites on this side of the pie too along with grays and browns. White is also a calming tone.

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